Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby (lahir di Tacoma, Washington, Amerika Serikat, 2 Mei 1903 – meninggal 14 Oktober 1977 pada umur 74 tahun) merupakan seorang penyanyi dan aktor berkebangsaan Amerika Serikat yang memenangkan Academy Award. Dia berkarier di dunia film dan musik sejak tahun 1926 hingga akhir hayatnya pada tahun 1977.


TV Guide‘s first issue of the 21st century proclaimed that the entertainer of the century was Elvis Presley. They bestowed this honor on him because of his success in music and movies. While I sympathize with their need to select someone who would be recognizable to their current readership, I think their duty to accuracy should have made them select another, more worthy entertainer. The fact that the author of the article was a self-proclaimed Elvis fan and has written two books on Elvis’s greatness may have compromised his objectivity. I prefer to look at hard numbers and let them determine the most popular entertainer of the twentieth century.

Using TV Guides’ criteria that the most popular entertainer was the one who had the greatest success in music and movies, I completed the following analysis:

Because Billboard magazine lists how long a song is on the top 40 charts and how high it went on the charts, it is possible to use this information to draw a trapezoid that represents the song’s success. The base of the trapezoid is the total number of weeks the song stays on the chart. The height is the highest ranking the song achieves and the width of the top is the number of weeks it stays at that position. Calculating the area of this trapezoid gives a measure of the song’s total popularity. Adding up the areas for all the songs for a particular artist gives a numerical value for his or her overall success. Calculating this number for a number of popular artists and comparing them to Mr. Presley show that he really was “The King”… until you compare his numbers to the king of the first half of the century. Consider the following numbers which represent the sums of the popularity-areas for all the artist’s songs. In other words, the higher the number, the greater the performer’s popularity.

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